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Welcome to The Joyful Pup!

Breeding well-adjusted, happy, loving Shih Tzus for you and your family

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About The Joyful Pup

The Joyful Pup sprang up out of our love of Shih Tzus after using them on our farm -- they helped guard our chickens!  We feel that the Shih Tzu is an amazing dog breed and found that there weren't many good ones out there. We strive to better the breed and to bring wonderful, loving dogs to our clients. Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond.

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The Amazing Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a loyal breed, playful, and willing to guard to its ability in its small size!  While it does need regular grooming, a short cut and regular brushing can normally be enough.  These pups are willing to bark to alert you of changes in the environment, but are not constantly yipping.  Happy to spend some time alone or in your lap all day, these dogs are amazing companions for the old and young and anyone in between!

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Health and Temperament

We value both the health and temperament of our young pups so we can share the best of Shih Tzus with our new puppy owners.  We stick to the Breed Standard for sizing (9-16 lbs per AKC).  Any smaller and health problems from breathing issues, pregnancy problems, and joint pain can result.  We also prefer to stick to just Shih Tzus -- we want to specialize in and further the quality of the breed, and not spread ourselves thin with mixed breeds. 

As for temperament, we keep our pups to 15-16 weeks, allowing them ample time to not just be weaned, but to learn from our adult dogs -- to know what they should/should not be scared of, to trust that there will be enough food and treats to go around, and how to have confidence in their human companions.  A good dog is not just born, it has to be cultivated and taught!

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